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First Time Expectations

Doing anything the first time is an emotion-filled experience. You can feel happy, nervous, scared and excited all at the same time and when booking an escort for the first time, it's very likely you're going to feel all these emotions, after all when you are meeting some of the most beautiful women in the world, who wouldn't get a little nervous? We're here to help you along your way and tell you what you should be doing and expecting to do when you book London escorts for the first time. So let's get started.

Good Hygiene Comes First

First and foremost, you are meeting someone else. A very beautiful someone else who you haven't met before. Make sure you're clean. Again, make sure your hygiene is tip top as escorts don't appreciate and can even cancel a booking with a client who's hygiene if evidently poor. Before meeting your beautiful date make sure you have had a shower and scrubbed yourself properly with all your lotions and potions in your bathroom. Make sure to have a shave as escorts appreciate a clean shave and a bit of mouthwash can go along way. Make sure too brush your teeth and not just drain your mouth with mouthwash. Check yourself for any warts, rashes, skin ailments, STD's or anything infectious that can be passed on. Before booking any escort you should make sure you're free of all possible pathogens. Being physically clean on the outside isn't enough.

As well as making sure your physical self is all spic and span make sure your environment also is. After all, you are inviting a drop dead gorgeous woman to your house the least you could do is clean the place. Whether you are at home or a hotel makes sure your environment is enticing and somewhere where she wants to be. Be courteous to her as well, you washed with your favourite bottle of lynx and wore your men's Tom Ford aftershave, but what about her? Like I mentioned, you're inviting her to you, the least you could do is make sure she has products she may need like baby wipes and female body wash products. Some escorts may ask you to take a shower before proceedings begin, don't be offended, make sure she knows your clean because when she does, she'll be ready to please you.

It Can Be Nerve-Racking For Both Parties

As well as leaving out female products she may want to use, make sure you make her feel comfortable. Keep in mind you are the stranger in this situation, who called her. She may be nervous or wary about where she is and who she's with so ease her mind best you can before beginning anything. Small talk is a great way to break the ice and offer her a glass of water or to share a drink with you if she really wants. It's important you make her feel comfortable and relaxed because once she is, she can calm you too. While on the topic of easing her mind, she may also be wary of who else is in the house even if you outright stated you're alone. For added peace, give her a tour of your place so she knows exactly the environment she's in and can be sure that the two of you are completely alone. Once she knows this she'll be comfortable enough to begin.

The Key To Paying For Your Experience

I know it's difficult coz the woman in front of you is a goddess, but do try to keep your hands to yourself un till a confirmed payment is made. The nature of the industry constantly battling with legalities and operating in a seemingly constant grey area means some interactions have to be more discreet. Make sure to always pay in cash, refrain from using any transaction methods that can later be retracted or cancelled, if you try to pay in any other form than cold hard cash, it's very likely your booking will be immediately cancelled.

Don't hand over wads of cash to her neither, especially in front of anyone as this could be incriminating. Instead, the expected and preferred method is to place the money in an envelope and leave it where she can take it, for example on a bathroom sink or a counter away from you. Once she has her payment and is happy, you can begin.

A word of warning though, the price listed that you originally agreed on is the price you have to pay. If your escort really pleased you and you feel she deserves more then, by all means, tip her and let her know, she will appreciate this greatly. What she won't appreciate is trying to underpay or haggle the price after the booking has been agreed too and confirmed. This is another way to get your booking immediately cancelled and have you blacklisted by the agency or the escort making future bookings with anyone increasingly difficult. Remember to treat your escort with respect, be clean, pay her promptly, be tactful and caring to her and most of all, have fun!

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