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Mr Smiths FAQ - Part 1

We are now two months into 2018 and Mr Smiths are going to kick start it off by giving you the part 1 of our most frequently asked questions at our agency and we are hoping this will help and give you guidance before you decide which girl is the perfect one for you, some of these questions you may already know if you are an experienced punter but this guide is more for our new clients who haven’t booked an escort in London before.

We will also be offering you a part 2 to our FAQ in the coming weeks so be sure to stay tuned and read our next article once published.

So the first question we will be answering is:

How do I go about booking one of your London escorts?

Well there is actually two very simple ways in which you can book our beautiful babes and the first option you have is to give our agency a call on the following number …. You will then be speaking to one of our friendly female receptionists who will organise your booking and help you along the way, if you prefer to go down the other route then you can simply fill out the online booking form which have provided you a link to and all you need to do is fill out a few forms and we will then get back to you as long as you provided us with the right contact details so please make sure you have filled everything out correctly before submitting otherwise you won’t hear back from us.

How long do our escorts bookings last?

There is no correct answer to this question, you can actually book our ladies for as long as you want and it just comes down to paying the fees, we do advise if you want a long booking to try give us as much time as possible to make sure this is feasible, the only thing we do have in place at our London agency is a minimum booking fee which is an hour. So you decide on how long you want to book our beautiful babes, not us.

How do I know which girls are available for bookings today?

This is a good question and at this moment in time we haven’t made it very clear on our website who is available for bookings, we suggest for now that you give our agency a call and talk to our receptionist where she will tell you all the girls which are currently available to book and then from there you can make your decision on which is the right girl for you.

In the foreseeable future, we will be implementing an “available today” gallery which will make your lives a lot easier when it comes to making your booking arrangements.

As always thanks for making Mr Smith London Escorts your number one choice for booking escorts and we look forward to your calls and enquiries. We have recently just released our FAQ - part 2 so be sure to come give it a read.

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