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Mr Smiths FAQ - Part 2

Why are some of your girl's images blurred?

The reason for us having some of the faces of our ladies blurred is more to do with protecting the identity of our ladies, if you see a girl with blurred images then she has requested this herself and not us at Mr Smiths, we support any girl who wants to keep her escort life separate from her office work life or social life and we no issues with any girls joining us who want their privacy protected. You will find that even though you can’t see her face on our website you will be able to when she arrives at your door and I guess it keeps it interesting, almost like a mystery, what we can guarantee is that she will be beautiful and you won’t be disappointed.

What Information will I need to provide you with when making my booking over the phone?

The information that we require from you all depends on where you are staying and what time of booking you have requested (incall or outcall). We always require your full name and a contact number usually a landline and your mobile number whichever service you decide to do. We will always call you an hour before your booking is due to start so be sure to have your phone handy because if we cannot get in touch then the chances are your booking will not happen.

What payments do you accept and when do I have to pay for my booking?

We have been asked a few times if we accept credit card payments over the phone and at this moment in time we don’t, we may look to implement this in the future as we grow as an agency and there becomes more demand for this but at this moment in time it’s just not worth this for us, so, for now, we will only be dealing with cash payments and we recommend that you have the cash ready in the envelope on the side for when she arrives at your place or if you have an out-call booking then leave it on the side in her place when you come in.

How should I prepare for my booking with an escort?

There isn’t really much to this one other than making sure you are hygienic and well groomed for you girl before your booking, the way we see it is you wouldn’t expect the girl to arrive smelling and not shaved would you? Well, it works both ways and you should treat this exactly like you were going on a date with that girl you have been waiting to see for so long. We advise if you want to be extra prepared then you take a look at this article https://www.societyservice.com/escort-etiquette/.

Do you have any restrictions on how many girls I can booK?

There really are no restrictions on how many girls you can book and you will find that a lot of our beautiful escorts will offer a duo service where you can experience a “threesome” and some real intimacy. If you are having a party then you can hire as many as girls as you want to come around and party and spice up the night. So yes we have no restrictions really if that answers your question!

How long can I book your escorts for?

When it comes to making a booking just like how many girls you can book, we have no limits and you can book our girls to spend a day or a week with you as long as we can prepare for this in advance, the only real limit which we do have is how little you can book our escorts for which is a minimum of a 1 hour booking, so as long as it is over 1 hour you can spend as much time as you want with our gorgeous London escorts.

We hope that answered all the questions which you had and if you missed the Faqs - part 1 then be sure to give that a read as there are more questions answered, stay tuned for part 3 which will be coming soon!

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