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Why Are London Escorts So Popular?

The escort industry as a whole is very popular and you may even be surprised yourself to how many bookings and searches go on worldwide. Today we will be covering London with it being the biggest city in the UK with a lot of tourists coming here and home to a large number of businessmen, the girls which you will find in London are so much different to the other ladies in the UK and this is what makes them so popular and in demand.

Through the Google search engine, these escorts are searched for more than 220,000 times a month which is massive and it just goes to show how big the market is in London, it is actually probably the most popular area in the world for companionship services shortly followed Thailand.

Unique ladies with class

The escorts you will find in London are simply gorgeous with a touch of elegance and class to them, most agencies which operate in this area are to the highest quality which means with high-quality agencies come high-class ladies! The industry if anything is very oversaturated with so many agencies operating in the area offering the same services so in order to stand out from the rest you have to step the game up and this is one of many reasons the escorts in London are so popular because you won’t find many women like these. The price range in London is massive and the girls can start from £80 per hour to £1000 per hour so depending on your budget and preferences you can end up with a big hole in your pocket.

For example, if you were to check out the ladies on eros.com you will see that some of these girls charge a fortune but are deemed the “high-class escorts” of London and so they can charge what they want really as they know punters will pay this to see them. If you were to check a directory such as London Punt then you would notice that they have girls of all price ranges from £150 - £600 and these would be dubbed as the less exclusive and more common girls which you would see at numerous agencies within London.

It all comes down to your preferences if you will the high class and exclusive escorts then we hope you have a big stack of cash hidden away as these will cost you every penny which you have but again it’s all worth it.

London is a massive hotspot for tourists so there is a demand for escorts

London is a massive spot for tourists and businessmen and escorts all over the world have noticed this and this is why many girls across the globe move over here to increase their wealth and live a much better life, at the end of the day where there is demand there is money so it really does make sense why you’d come over to London.

The London escorts industry is dominated by the Eastern European girls and I guess this is because these girls will come here and work for cheaper but they are also the most popular choice from the gents and I guess most of them are bored of the “typical English girl”.

Eastern European babes dominate the escort industry

The most popular nationalities which you will find in London are Bulgarian, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia and these are just a few of many really, the reality is that the Eastern European babes do it better and they also don’t mind taking a lower cut to earn more jobs than other girls as there working wage back in their country is still lower than that in the UK.

If you check out any agency within London and head over to their gallery page then you will see exactly what we are talking about, the majority of escorts will be from an "Eastern European" background but if this is what you are into then you have hit the jackpot really.

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